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Scholar Athlete Application

There are a number of sections in the application that help us determine the best candidates for scholarship. Please fill all the fields out as accurately as possible.
Let's get started.

Contact Information

Use an email address and/or phone you can recieve updates too.

Personal Information

Let us know more about your background.

Address of Parents / Gaurdians is the same as above

Educational Experience

Tell about your educational background and goals.

Football Experience

Let us know about your football career.

List any awards received from your SCHOOL

List any LEAGUE recongnition

List any KANSAS CITY area awards recieved

Do you plan to attend college?
Do you plan to continue playing football?
Have you recieved a full or partial SCHOLARSHIP OFFER?
Do you intend to walk on?

School Activities

Give us some background on your extracurricular activities.

List any extracurricular activities & your level of participation (ig; did you letter?)

List any honors recieved in any other sports activity

Non-School Activities

Tell us about your interests and activities outside of football.

Have you been granted any other scholarship aide?
By checking this box I agree that all fields are filled out truthfully and to the best of my knownledge.You agree to GKCFCA Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy